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Our Story

At Bandino, we help making protecting your neck scar easy, stylish and even a little bit fun. Available in a variety of colours and styles for different purposes from everyday use to spending the day at the beach, we think it’s safe to say that We’ve got you covered.

I found out that my thyroid had to be removed a few months before my husband and I were scheduled to take a ‘bucket list’ trip to Hawaii which would have been non-refundable since we paid with travel vouchers. My doctor had given me the OK to go, but I was concerned about keeping my scar protected while swimming, walking on the beach and generally being out and about in the sun. I had a few small and large scarves, but ‘scarf on the beach’ just wasn’t me. I needed something small, streamlined and as I put it at the time: ‘ less Madame ’.

When I started to go for walks after my surgery, I would cover up with a high-necked jacket. One day, I left the house and while I was walking, realized that my scar was still exposed. I happened to have had a headband on as well as a pony tail holder handy. I decided to slide the headband over my head and around my neck and tighten it using the elastic band. I figured that I might look a little awkward, but at least my scar was protected. When I got home and went into the washroom to wash up, I noticed how it looked in the mirror…and it was NICE!  I was certain that this was what I needed. I proceeded to buy a bunch of the headbands in various colours, added some snap closures and had my first collection of neck bands.

These neckbands were perfect for Hawaii – I wore them hiking, swimming, walking on the beach and even out to dinner as sunset was late and I wanted to keep my scar protected in a stylish and streamlined way. They also proved to be perfect for everyday use when I returned back home.

I kept my scar covered for as long as my doctor had advised and I also used the cream that he recommended. I can tell you that today my scar is barely visible.  That said, I noticed that if it does get exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, it begins to darken and get more pronounced… so guess what?  I continue to wear my Bandino when I go out on the lake, hit the beach or when I know that my neck will be exposed to the sun for longer periods of time.

At the time that I created my bands, I could not believe that such a thing did not already exist and I knew that I had to share my idea with the world.

This past year I decided that I would finally bring this idea to life and thus Bandino was born.

We are continuing to work on new colours, fabrics and styles as we want to make protecting your scar both fun and fashionable.  If you are here looking on behalf of a friend or a loved one, you’ll be happy to know that we offer gift sets as well as a Bandino Bouquet.

Finally, it was important to me that this project also help support Thyroid Cancer Research. I have chosen to donate a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of each and every Bandino to the Head and Neck Department of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. This is the hospital where I was treated and I will forever be grateful for the care that I received from my Doctor and from the staff there.

I hope that you enjoy wearing your Bandino and don’t forget to share your photos with us on social media! You can tag us @mybandino and use the hashtag #mybandino.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful season,

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