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About Bandino

At Bandino, we help making protecting your neck scar easy, stylish and even a little bit fun. Available in a variety of colours and styles for different purposes from everyday use to spending the day at the beach, we think it’s safe to say that We’ve got you covered.

What is a Bandino neckband?

A Bandino neckband is an adjustable band that you can place around your neck to cover the scar from your thyroid surgery. It is available in a variety of fabrics suited to different purposes, including a swimwear fabric that you can wear to protect your scar while spending time at the beach or swimming outdoors.

Why Choose Bandino?

As you may already be aware, it is usually recommended to keep your post-thyroidectomy scar covered for the first year following surgery. This is recommended to protect your very sensitive skin as well as to minimize scar visibility in the longer term.

While scarves are a great way to do this, there are certain situations where scarves feel ‘a bit much’ or are impractical. Keeping your scar covered while swimming also presents its own unique set of challenges. Bandino offers an easy, streamlined solution that is both fun and fashionable. Our SWIM bands can be worn both in and out of the water and are available in a variety of trendy colours. Our EVERYDAY bands are perfect to wear out when running errands, while driving on a sunny day and are also well suited for outdoor exercise. Our ACTIVE collection offers sportier looking bands for your runs, biking, hiking and any other outdoor activity. Finally, our FORMAL collection offers neckbands in classic formal colours and are the perfect solution for outdoor events and celebrations. This collection has received positive feedback from women who want it just for the look and don’t even have a scar to cover!

How did Bandino get started?

There is actually an interesting story behind the Bandino brand. You can read it here.

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