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Q: Are Bandino neckbands adjustable?

A: Yes. There are four snaps which allow the Bandino to be adjusted to four different sizes. Note that You may wear your SWIM band on a larger setting when it is dry, but choose to move to a tighter setting when it is wet if you feel that it becomes too loose in the water.

Q: Does the 3/ $45 promotion work if I choose neckbands from different collections?

A: Yes. All Bandino neckbands from the EVERYDAY, SWIM and ACTIVE collections are available at 3/ $45 pricing. The FORMAL bands are the only bands that are not available as part of this promotion.

Q: If I choose a bundle, can I choose my own colours?

A: Yes! Most of our bundles are customizable in that you can choose any of the available colours from the collection. Simply follow the instructions at the top of the bundle page to choose.

Q: How many Bandino neckbands do I need?

A: While the number of neckbands you choose to keep in your collection is an entirely personal choice, we recommend having at least two neckbands so that you have one available while the other is being washed. That being said, the bands from the various collections serve different purposes so depending on your lifestyle, you may prefer to have an assortment. If you are uncertain, we suggest visiting out Gifts & Bundles page. The Starter Set, Bare Necessities and Essentials bundles are all good places to start.

Q: How should I care for my Bandino neckband?

A: We recommend taking care when unsnapping your Bandino neckband so as not to risk tearing the fabric. We also recommend handwashing in cold water and hanging to dry

Q: Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?

A: Unfortunately, we do not. We do, however, offer an assortment of Gifts & Bundles including the Bandino Bloom and the Bandino Bouquet that would make excellent gifts for your loved one following thyroid surgery.  

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